Our Impact

Who receives care at the Clinic?

The working patient: 

The majority of Clinic patients are employed, either full-time or part-time, but are not offered health care benefits or cannot afford the health care insurance premiums. In addition, we provide care for those that are between jobs and are not yet eligible for state or federal insurance assistance programs.

The displaced/homeless: 

Those individuals that are fleeing abusive situations and seeking respite, those who have recently lost health care benefits due to the loss of employment or loss of coverage, the homeless, those recently released from prison or the detention center and divorced/separated men and women who have been dropped from spouse’s coverage.

The recently uninsured: 

With the tumultuous changes surrounding the Affordable Care Act, many people continue to find themselves uninsured either temporarily or for many months at a time. No matter the reason, residents of Washington County, Maryland who are uninsured, will find excellent health care here.

The loss of primary care physician: 

Those individuals/families with outstanding medical bills with their physicians and are unable to return to the practice because of unpaid medical expenses.

The Community Free Clinic will provide medical assistance to any citizen of Washington County Maryland who is without any other means of insurance or care.

How is the Clinic helping?

The Community Free Clinic is a primary healthcare provider seeking to remove obstacles which prevent people from maintaining their health and well-being.

The Clinic offers continuity of care, laboratory screenings and needed medications.

The Clinic partners with many community organizations to coordinate services.

When needed, patients are referred to specialists for more extensive evaluation and treatment based on availability.

All services are provided at no cost to the patient due to the support of our community.



Who needs the Free Clinic?

According to 2009 U.S. Census Bureau data, Washington County Maryland is home to approximately 146,000 residents. Of those eligible for Clinic services, 14% are without medical assistance.*

The majority of Clinic patients are employed but are not offered health insurance or cannot afford health insurance premiums.

The Clinic acts as a "Safety Net" for individuals who may be between jobs or health insurance coverage.

The Clinic provides care in excess of 15,000 patient visits annually.



Who provides Clinic services?


In 1990, there was one doctor and one nurse. Today over 30 providers volunteer their services on site.

Over 80 other medical specialists accept Clinic patients upon referral.

More than 30 professionals and lay volunteer offer their time and talents at the Clinic totaling roughly 5,000 hours per year.

Many others in our community volunteer in various ways in order to help the Clinic fulfill our mission.

We also employ 12 full and part-time staff.