History & Scope

     Originally founded in 1990 as the Regional Community Health Care Center Foundation Inc, this Non-Profit 501c(3) medical facility is now known as the Community Free Clinic.

     All of the medical care, prescription medications and lab services are free of charge to the patient. The Clinic is NOT State or Federally funded and relies on individual donations, fund raisers, grants and corporate giving for operating and capital expenses.

     In order to be eligible for services and care at the Clinic, patients must not have medical assistance of any kind and must prove their residency is Washington County Maryland

     Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to quality living. By helping those people who otherwise would not be able to afford or receive continuity of care, the Clinic provides an opportunity for patients to continue and in some cases restore healthy lives.

    As a result of the care received, our patients are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can contribute to the success and function of a productive community.

News & Notes

25 Years of Your Embrace

     Community Free Clinic - Providing Free Medical Care to the Uninsured Citizens of Washington County Maryland for over 25 Years. Let that resonate with you for a moment. 
     For over a quarter of a century, the Washington County Community continues to embrace, support, and help attend to the needs of our families, friends, and neighbors. 
     The Community Free Clinic benefits from the generosity of elected officials, local leaders, business owners, charitable foundations, community partners, faithful houses of worship, able residents, and so many more. Literally, over one hundred general or specialty volunteer providers and medical professionals have entered the Clinic to care for this community; nearly that many have accepted our referred patients to provide specific treatments or procedures. We are blessed abundantly and rely on a family of volunteers who have adopted the Community Free Clinic as their own in order to serve others in a time of need. In addition to all of these, the Community Free Clinic is fortunate to have the daily support of a highly dedicated staff and tremendously engaged Board of Directors.
     We are blessed to be a blessing: The Community Free Clinic assists those needing long-term specialty care and those with day-to-day acute illnesses. We have provided much needed care for those needing minor procedures and the care for those who are facing or recovering from major surgeries.
     We are a safety net for those in need: Because of the combined efforts of so many supporters, visionaries, and leaders, the Community Free Clinic offers to our established patients Chronic Disease Management from diabetic care, education, and ancillary services to hypertension, high cholesterol, and weight management. We are able to provide a holistic approach in order to address the entire patient.
     As such, we deliver Acute Care, Primary Care, and Specialty Care. This provides healing to those with an unplanned urgent illness or injury, requiring general adult internal medicine, and needing specific medical care such as podiatry, rheumatology, neurology, psychiatry, orthopedic, GYN services, and others.
     Also, the Community Free Clinic offers Mental Health, Prescription, and Laboratory Services to those patients seeking care. This is realized through psychiatric medication and counseling, patient assistance and medication discounts, and lab services and referrals.   
     The Community Free Clinic is truly a representation of this wonderful community. Without you and your continued generosity through advocacy, volunteerism, and generous financial support, we would not be able to provide community healthcare, safety net healthcare, and preventive healthcare.  
     Thank you for embracing our professionalism, excellence, integrity, and service for 25 years and for trusting us for many more years to come.