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Services for Today’s Teens Program Expands

     Over the past 7 years the Community Free Clinic has operated a program to address the high risk behaviors of Washington County teens ages 13-19.  The primary focus of this program initially was to address the high teen pregnancy rate in Washington County, MD.  Our county had the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state of Maryland among white teen girls in 2008.  This program has been made possible through generous funding from the Office of Community Grant Management.
     Our program was designed to address the teen pregnancy crisis our county was facing and to provide safe, free and confidential sexual health clinical services to those teens who were seeking contraception, STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing and sexual health education.  The first year in operation we accepted 150 new patients to the program at our once a week teen clinic.
     Over the years the program has continued to grow and with additional funding we have expanded clinical hours to four full days a week.  Teens are accepted as they arrive and continue to return for follow-up care.  In 2015, we have added a Teen Liaison, Major Warren who has rapidly increased Teen Outreach in Washington County.  Major travels to all corners of the county and meets teens where they are.  Publicity has grown tremendously and so have our teen visits.  Teens present to the Clinic with a multitude of issues.  Although the intent of the program is sexual health, many other illnesses have been diagnosed and the teen is referred to their private pediatrician.  Unfortunately many of these youth have not had access to medical care for a very long time.
     The Clinic has become a safe place for teens where they know we care and that their medical care is strictly confidential and FREE.  With the trust we have developed in the teen community, teens are bringing groups of friends to the Clinic for care.  The Clinic now provides educational summits, written materials, teen activities and we travel to where we need to be to reach them and have added an extensive advertising campaign.  We now provide a full range of sexual health clinical services to include HIV testing.  Our county teen pregnancy rate has dropped to third in the state and the Clinic is now providing care to nearly 1000 teens annually to include those inside the Clinic and those through outreach efforts.  In 2005, the teen pregnancy rate was 46.4 teen births per 1000 teens.  I am thrilled to say that the latest report in 2013 showed the rate had dropped from 46.4 down to 28.2 per 1000 teens.  I would like to add that the Community Free Clinic does not advocate for abortion.  If a teen pregnancy is diagnosed at the Clinic, the patient is referred to a local obstetrical office for medical care.  Through many efforts and collaborations I am happy to report the success of this program to date. 
     A positive investment in our youth provides greater outcomes in our community’s future!!


Services for Today's Teens
Afternoon Walk-In Appointments.
Males and Females. Ages 13-19.


Must be present by 4:30PM.
Check-In with the Front Office to complete
the Teen Pregnancy Awareness Program Survey

All Services are Free & Confidential

  • Birth Control
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • STD (STI) Testing & Treatment
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Free Condoms
  • GLBT Safe Space

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24 Hour Hotlines

MD Youth Crisis Hotline
Suicide Hotline
Rape Crisis Hotline
National STD (STI) Hotline
National Runaway Hotline
Reporting Abuse & Neglect
Alateen (Alcoholics Anonymous for Teens)
Alcohol / Drug Abuse
The Trevor Project (For LGBT Youth)

1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929)