Who We Serve

The Community Free Clinic is a resource that addresses the needs of the medically uninsured in Washington County, Maryland. Across the nation there are approximately 1200 free clinics in operation.

Our clinic opened its doors in 1990 and, to this day, continues to provide medical care and prescription medication to residents free of charge.

Many of our patients are facing life threatening situations when they enter Clinic doors. 

Often times, patients are forced to make the choice between food and shelter or much needed medications. The Clinic not only addresses medical needs, but acts as a resource to direct patients to other community organizations that may offer additional assistance or services. The Clinic continues to experience steady growth and offers services beyond what we ever imagined possible. 

This has become a reality through the continued support of our local residents and businesses.

That this organization is nurtured in our growth and supported so strongly is a tribute to the values held by our community. Consideration and responsible care for the well being of our community is reflected in the continued success of the clinic.

This is the Community’s Free Clinic. The staff and volunteers responsible for the day-to-day operations, including those who provide services, are truly caretakers of this amazing resource.

We are extremely blessed and we are very grateful for all your support.